Affirmation And Gratitude

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am capable of sharing my joy with the people of this planet. To be my best at sharing bliss I must be joy, kindness, compassion and accepting in my daily life. I live my love for everything with a smile on my face and generosity in my heart. My goal is to bring enough love to this planet that you can feel it in your heart. I am a powerful co-creator of our life’s experience and I take a stand for a loving vibration. Thank you for helping me spread love and cheer to our world. Thank you for sharing your loving self with me.

Today I am grateful for my singing lessons with Cari Burdett at Lila Music Centre, I am feeling more confidant and connected to my inner source of strength thank you Cari, for the inspiration I get from the people in my life, I feel believed in and supported, and for my ability to say no, today I do activities that fit into my goals and dreams, I stay focused and my tasks get completed easily and timely. Thank you for sharing this wonderful life with me. :~) ♥

A colourful image of a still life of a table setting with flowers, chocolate candies, a couple of chairs and a lovely setting.

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