Affirmation And Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the feedback I am getting from my affirmations, I feel heard, appreciated and connected thank you ♥, forDaniel Gilfix as he shared with me his talent for BodyTalk a wonderful healing technique, BodyTalk is a consciousness-based, non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body in its healing process, if you have health issues give BodyTalk and Daniel a go, it rocks, and forRobert’s family last night we got to go have dinner with Robert’s parent’s, and Robert’s sister Pipi Tustian’s family in celebration of Names Day a wonderful Latvian tradition where on every day of the calendar there are first names and when your names day arrives friends and family are welcome to stop by and bring food or drink and have a visit. We had a lovely evening! ♥ Thank you for sharing your kind self with me. ♥ :~)

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie (insert your name here if you like) am passionate about cheering up the planet. The books I have read and the spiritual masters I have listened to tell me that I have the power to effect my reality. I have read studies that say prayers by multiple individuals create enough energy to slow crime rates, increase healing and promote a peaceful state in the person praying. I have read “As I think so shall it be”. I believe in these words so I am doing an experiment with my life to spread love. I focus on gratitude and love to create peace in myself knowing that my vibration gets stronger the more I do this. I see my love surrounding the earth and opening hearts. I allow all good to come to me and I am blessed. Thank you for time. Thank you for sharing your loving self with me. ♥ :~)A colourful image of pastel purples, blues, and greens with vibrant yellow red and black an abstract created by my talented husband Robert Cerins

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