Affirmation, Gratitude and Well Being

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, read books that encourage me to grow into my most evolved self. I fill my mind with words that instill in me that creating a sense of purpose in my life is important to my well being, so that is why “Cheering Up The Planet” has been my goal in life since 2000. The books I read remind me that it is possible to live a life of abundance while contributing to the well being of myself and others. I realize, that I must exude the emotional vibration, of the reality I want to live, in order to bring it into my life. So today my attention is focused on how to best contribute to the welfare of my community. Sharing my writing skills with people who are encouraged to see the best of themselves, increases my joy and the joy of our collective conscious. My goal is to generate peace, love and acceptance in myself, for all to feel. Thank you for generating your favourite feeling today. Thank you for being love. I Love You. :~)


Today I am grateful for my ability to relieve my fellow human beings of discomfort through my use of reflexology, reiki and empathic listening, for practicing being calm in all situations, being aware of the feelings coursing through my body all the time, witnessing the messages my flesh is emoting, with discernment so that I am able to navigate life with ease and for realizing that my emotional intelligence is an important aspect of taking personal responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions. Thank you for listening to your emotions today. Thank you for being open to love. I Love You. :~)

a lady holding a gingerbread house covered with colourful candy, wearing a wild santa clause hat.
Getting the honour to go to this lovely christmas party fills me with gratitude.

May the coming year be filled with yummy memories and faithful friends.  Blessings, Namaste,

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