Affirmation, Gratitude and Reading

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) love that I have the ability to learn every day because I can read. It is such a gift that I can read the words of thousands of other people who have experiences that I am able to glean some wisdom from than create paradigm shifts in my heart that are long lasting and permanent. In each moment of my life there is an opportunity for me to choose the emotions that bring me the most peace of mind. I am awake. I am aware. I am consciousness incarnated to taste, touch, smell, see, hear and experience everything. It is free to pay attention so I always pay attention to the best of my ability which increases my sense of security. Thank you for enjoying my post today. Thank you for learning something new. I Love YOU.   :~)

an image that had a yellow background with black letters that say Life Is A Learning Curve Over the words in eyes and a mouth with a frown and under the words are eyes with a smiling mouth.
I love learning, paying attention and listening with my whole being. :~)

Today I am grateful for getting the recycling all cleaned up today and taken to the recycling centre, it felt so good to get that chore off my, to do list, for feeling way better today than yesterday, after I got my tooth ground off by Dr. Dustin George to get a new gold crown that will protect my tooth hopefully for the next fifty years and for the yummy pots on the stove filled with chicken stock in one pot and chaga & reshi tea in the other pot, nourishing my body with homemade food is my favourite way to sustain my physical body. How do you nourish your body? Thank you for the moments you spent here today. Thank you for nourishing your body temple with whole foods. I Love YOU.   :~)

Cobble Hill Dental and Dr. Dustin George Rock! Blessings,

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