Today’s Affirmation I Choose Supportive Friends

Today’s Affirmation

I, __________, surround myself with people who support me in a way where I actually feel supported. It is up to me who I am going to spend time with. I hang out with my friends and family that cause in me laughter and smiles. I practice accepting the people I meet as perfect just the way they are. I am here to love myself and others to the best of my ability. I am patient with myself so that I am able to receive the love of my friends with grace. The more I value me the more I will draw to me other people who will value me. I visualize people being kind to me in my meditation which creates in my heart a feeling of security. I am a courageous child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels supported when I support myself.

I, Stephanie, am grateful that I challenge myself to accept myself and everyone I meet with a patient heart. Patience is free you know. <3 :~)

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