Today’s Affirmation Trusting That The Universe Is Supportive!

Today’s Affirmation

I, __________, have an opportunity today to inspire the people around me with my wise intuitive heart. My heart is connected to source energy. It is up to me to be present to my link to Universal Love. I strengthen my relationship with Universal Love by trusting that Universal Love has my back. I allow myself to receive all the gifts Universal Love offers me with an attitude of gratitude. When people in my life witness me receiving gifts from Universal Love it sparks hope in their hearts that they will receive the gifts the Universe is holding for them. I visualize my needs being met easily and my entire body relaxes. I am a trusting child of Universal Love and Universal Love rewards my trust by showering me with abundance.

I, Stephanie, feel I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience. So everyday I do my best to connect to Universal Love as Love is all I really am and that is what your essence is too! I Love YOU! <3 :~)

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