Today’s Affirmation Being Grateful For Everything

I, __________, spend some time being grateful today for everything. When I choose to be grateful for the ups and the downs in my life I feel calmer. I trust that life is allowing me to grow into my most content and happy self. I listen to all my emotions so that I understand what makes me tick. It is important to me to comfort myself when I am frustrated. I applaud myself when I have chosen to patiently wait on hold. I celebrate the little wins in my daily life and that creates joy in my heart and a smile on my beautiful face. I am a trustworthy child of Universal Love and Universal Love knows I have the power to make my dreams come true.

I, Stephanie, love the gifts I have received from my practice of being grateful for everything. <3 :~) I am grateful for you. I Love YOU!

an image of a lady holding a red rose while standing on the edge of the Salish Sea with Salt Spring Island, BC behind her.  Reminding everyone who sees the image they are loved.
Here is a red rose to remind you that you are loved!

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