Today’s Affirmation Focusing On Gratitude

I, __________, make sure to spend as much of each day being grateful as I possible can. When I stay focused on whatever goodness there is in my life my heart sings. I am grateful for my immune system because it keeps me well. I am thankful for my friends who support my dreams. It is a game I play each day to be appreciative for everything. My body creates oxytocin when I am feeling love and gratitude. The more I am loving my life the better my entire being feels. I am the master of my emotions. I direct my emotions to the path of joy, contentment, satisfaction and compassion. I am a pleasant child of Universal Love and Universal Love enjoys witnessing my ability to stay faithful in all situations.

I, Stephanie, have been saved many times over by being determined to be grateful for everything. Making up stories that create in my heart a feeling of hope and possibility is a daily practice that brings me calmness. Thank you for being grateful today. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

an image of a woman standing with her back to the camera.  She is standing at the ocean holding her arms up in gratitude and appreciation of the beauty of life.

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