Today's Affirmation Creating My Plans

I, __________, spend time today focusing on what I love to do. As the world slows down I use the down time to invest in my projects, my dreams and myself. It is time for me to plan what is important to me. I gift myself a few hours a week for my projects so that my creative juices can flow. My imagination helps me create my ideas. It is up to me to dedicate myself to visualize the future I want. I continue to work on my passions and I feel constructive. I must keep focused on what I am able to do so that I feel empowered. When I feel empowered I feel safe. I am a secure child of Universal Love and Universal Love is excited when I stay focused on what I can do.
I, Stephanie, feel blessed to have been able to follow my dreams. Thank you for dreaming and taking action to create your dreams in the three dimensional world. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

An image of a left hand palm up holding a string of LED lights and above the hand is a bunch of light spheres.  The background of the image is black

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