Today's Affirmation Listening To My Gut

I, __________, listen to my gut when I am dealing with the people in my life. How does my gut feel around my family, my friends and my coworkers? I spend time with the people who encourage me to be myself and express my emotions in a safe manner. It is important for me to practice being happy just because it is good for my heart. I choose to use my precious time enjoying my human routine. When I pay attention to how I feel, it feels like I am taking care of myself. It is essential for me to honour my needs, my emotions and my intuition. I am an intuitive child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels heard when I listen to my intuition.

I, Stephanie, am blessed to have learned to follow my gut. I also trust that everything comes to me at the perfect time. Trusting the Universe is taking care of me gives me a sense of serenity.

an image of a women holding her stomach in a tender way.  you can just see her torso.  She is wearing white.

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