Affirmation, Gratitude and Cleaning

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) want to be an example of kindness today. I want everyone who sees me to feel my love of all humanity. I am one with all beings. I am one with George Bush as well as the Dalai Lama. I am one with the ants and the elephants. I am one with the moon and the stars. I breathe in fear and breathe out faith. I am the one who decides if it is a good day, so I create good in all my days to share and light a smile on my face daily. I believe in the good in each heart and that everyone is going to be kind sometimes I just must be the faithful watcher and then I see the beauty in all hearts. Thank you for precious time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful hearts with me. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for the snow that fell last night as everything is so quiet, white and sparkly right after it snows, for getting home to our life of art, friends, healthy eating and my own bed and for getting to be of service to my family and friends that live in Utah and Parkland WA (as for Christmas I gave my nieces & nephew by choice Ally Collison, Michelle Collison and Tony Collison clean bathrooms for their Christmas presents). Thank you for bring joy to my heart. Thank you for sharing your open mind and heart with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)

A table set for four friends with a big salad, and all the fixins for a great meal
A dinner made to share

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