Affirmation, Gratitude and Barter

Today’s Affiramtion; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) get to listen to me today, I open my heart to my pain so that I am able to transmute it to joy. When I am open to the pain in life, I avoid suffering as I realize I incarnated as a human so that I would get to choose to enjoy the challenges of this physical plane. I thrive when I learn a new task or start a new habit. I let go of habits that are holding me back and take care of myself as a dedicated mother cares for her new born. I parent myself wisely, kindly, softly, patiently and compassionately so that I ripen into a wise, benevolent and friendly lady capable of sharing my emotions so that everyone who witnesses my energy feels safe and comfortable. My emotions are the same as yours, powerful, ever changing and malleable to my will. I exercise my will and it get stronger just as my arms and legs do when exercise my body. I patiently nurture my heart so that it courageously takes on my fears with the grit of worldly explorer and I become victoriously joyous. 

Today I am grateful for witnessing the results of a loving act, I went to see our car repair man Jerome, to barter window washing for car repairs and as I entered his kitchen it was totally and fabulously remodeled, new counters, new cupboards and new paint, it looked lovely, (now for the good part, a few months ago when Jerome and his wife went on vacation to Africa his adult children planned and remodeled the entire kitchen for their parents and then filmed them walking into their new kitchen for the first time, I loves those kind of stories, as Jerome and Pam are lovely, generous people), for Cari Burdett having fresh garlic for sale, I must go and get some today when I drive by, as food grown with love is my favourite kind to eat and for my back being repaired in less than one month, through my dedication to exercise, patience and holding my vision for myself of perfect health. Thank you for witnessing my journey today. Thank you for sharing your light with me. I Love You.  :~)
An image of a table with fruit and a colourful tablecloth, there is a goblet full of Allsorts candy one of my husbands old favourite candies. 

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