Affirmation, Gratitude and Immigration

Today’s Vlog #67 Gratitude,

Affirmation and Gentleness is about enjoying being gentle with ourselves when we make a boo boo and what there was to be grateful for in my life today, that I passed the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Today’s Affirmation; I, ________, (insert your name here if you like) practice being gentle with me today, when I make a mistake, if I break something or when I have computer issues, I acknowledge the situation, then instead of being frustrated by what happened, I say something silly like, Job security, when I make a mess or instead of cussing, I say hooray I did not like that any way. I have an opportunity to even enjoy when things go other than I expected them to go and view the event as an adventure instead of a disaster. I do my best to create a story about the happenings of my day that have a positive slant, then my body is filled with oxytocin nourishing every cell of my body, creating a cycle of wellness. Thank you for joining me for a few minutes today. Thank you for embracing your mistakes with a gentle heart. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

This is where I found this image

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Kindness creates heart felt connections.

Today I am grateful for passing my Canadian Citizenship test with a score of 19 correct answers out of 20, Gratitude Dance, all the studying I put in, paid off and I now get to have a swearing in ceremony where I get to pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II then I will be totally Canadian, Woo Hoo, for the people who were employed by Immigration Canada to help us with the test today, as the man who interviewed me, was pleasant, truly happy for me to get to immigrate to Canada and really kind and for knowing that I needed to leave really early today so I would make my appointment for my test on time and to my great satisfaction I was about 10 minutes early, Happy Prance! Thank you for spending a moment of your day with me. Thank you for making up something to be grateful for if that is what it takes to start your gratitude routine. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

Below is a link to a bunch of questions and answers to help anyone else who is getting ready to take the test. <3 :~)

an image of a red and white canadian flag with a header that reads Go To
Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test today Rocked! <3 :~)

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