Affirmation, Gratitude & Problems

Vlog #70 Gratitude, Affirmation and Problems is about loving our problems and being grateful for snow and clean kitchens. May you be cheered up by my vlog. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you are willing to love your problems) am willing to look at the situations that cause me stress and say thank you to the Universe that I have the perfect problems for me. The more I appreciate the mishaps the easier it is for me to find solutions that are beneficial to everyone involved. As I grow emotionally intelligent it gets easier and easier to enjoy my perfect complications. My motto is to be grateful for everything because the best vegetables and fruits need a little rotting compost, poop and water in order to thrive. So today I rejoice for all the dung in my life and my body creates oxytocin to enable me to thrive. Thank you for stopping by for a bit of a cheering up. Thank you for enjoying the poop in your life. I Love YOU.    :~)

an image with a red background and letters in white and black and at the bottom there are two hearts the words read "Flawed and Fabulous Because Perfect Doesn't Exist and Normal Is Boring.
I love the ups and downs of life. :~)

Today I am grateful for my new routine of doing the dishes when ever there are dirty dishes in the sink, as it only takes a few minutes to wash one meals dishes and when I get up in the morning I have a clean kitchen, woo hoo, (I am starting to think of myself as a person with a clean kitchen, Gratitude Dance) for detaching my thoughts about what sleep is supposed to be like, being open to explore my new sleep patterns with the heart of an arctic adventurer, entertaining myself in the wee morning hours as if that is exactly what I want to be doing and for the fact that when I went out to feed and water the horse this morning that the hose that brings water to the horse was thawed out even though it was laying under 8 inches of snow, which seems like a miracle as the snow on the top is frozen and crunchy. What are you grateful for today? Thank you for your precious time. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

a cartoon image of a lady with a red face and neck waking up in bed, sitting up in bed wondering when will this hot flash end
Waking up in the night hot and accepting of it all. :~)

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