Paying Attention To Our Body’s Aromas

Paying attention to our body’s aromas helps us understand our state of health. Since changing my diet to eating 99.9% organic the amount of body order emitted by my physical being has been reduced by about 90%. Which means it has been my pleasure to use only a bit of 100% Organic Essential Oils as deodorant since the year 1996 as my organic eating journey began in 1994.

Also in 1994 it was a time for me where my diet consisted of so much processed food that my body was only capable of pooping about every 3 or 4 days! A friend taught me about fasting, how awful white sugar was and that my diet was totally connected to my ability to poop. So if you have digestive issues maybe you could do research on google about what is going on with you. Good luck at caring for your physical being. I Love YOU! <3 :~)

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