Today’s Affirmation Self Care Counts

I, __________, have opportunities today to do what is good for my body. My body needs to be cared for to work well. My body needs lots of clean water to drink so I could buy a water distiller or buy reverse osmosis water from the grocery store and fill my own bottle. My body needs vegetables just like mom said so today I shall eat lots of green vegetables so my bodies cells will do a happy dance. My body also needs adequate sleep in order to function properly. Maybe tonight I could turn off early and go to bed. When I make taking care of me my most important job I feel valued, loved and accepted by me! I am a valuable child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels cared for when I care for me.

I, Stephanie, trust that when I take time to care for my body I feel fabulous. Please love yourself first! We need you at your best. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

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