Affirmation and Gratitude Responsibility Is Empowering!

 Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am responsible for everything. I am a part of everything. I am a part of everyone. I am putting my best vibration into the Universal energy field to feed our collective consciousness. Today I focus my energy with love, compassion and peace. Love is the base of my existence and today I focus with all my emotional will on Love, Peace and Bliss. That all beings experience a state of blissful peace. That all bellies be full by the end of today. That all relationships find peaceful resolutions for their issues. That all soldiers see all men as their brothers. That all corporations see the earth as their home tree, a place to honour, protect and serve. I effect everything in this Universe with something small, invisible and more powerful than a nuclear reactor, my thoughts. My thoughts have power, I take that seriously and think only constructive, positive and helpful thoughts today and everyday. The future of our Universe depends on my thoughts and your thoughts. What will you focus on now to bring a strong, loving and peaceful vibration to our Universe? Our future is in our capable and wise hands. Thank you for helping me cheer up the planet by thinking happy thoughts. Thank you for sharing your loving and perfect self with me.  ♥ :~)
Today I am grateful for nature, the animals, the rocks, the trees, the water, the dirt, the bugs, the fish, the microbes, the mountains & the true beauty of our world, for the eyes, ears, nose, fingers, brain, emotions, that enable me to experience and enjoy our amazing planet and for my ability to communicate my joy to you in a way that enhances your day, mind, spirit and life. Thank you for playing the game of Cheer Up The Planet with me! Thank you for sharing your perfect and caring self with the world. I LOVE YOU! ♥ :~)
a colourful image of a park in Bamfield, BC a secluded spot on our lovely planet. There are trees and beach and water assembled in a whimsical fashion.
I beautiful beach in Bamfield, BC Canada. My husband painted this after spending the weekend with 45 sixth graders on a field trip.

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