Affirmation, Gratitude, Art and Ho’oponopono

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am human and spirit all rolled into one. I have confidence that the biggest and most durable part of me is the part that is spirit. In keeping with that, today I focus on what all the books I have read tell me about what nourishes my spirit, love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. I practice loving me and everyone I meet today by thinking positive constructive thoughts about me everyone I meet. I practice compassion by taking action that energizes the people in my life, I smile at people, I do my best to be considerate, I share my stories freely and honestly, I enjoy your stories. I exercise forgiveness in my daily life by repeating Ho’oponopono when I feel the need to forgive myself or someone else. (’oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm). I implement acceptance by enjoying you however you choose to present your self to the world today and everyday. I am a stand for self love, love of others and love in general. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing loving yourself with me. I LOVE YOU! ♥ :~)

Today I am grateful for Canada’a medical system as they have saved my husband’s vision in the past and are going to repair his left eye once again later today! Gratitude Dance! For the people who believe in me and have believed in me over my life my Mom’s, mom Ruth Virgil who was always there for me and believed in me (I am blessed) and for my Mom who is 70 years old today, I am proud of my mother’s strong will, commitment to taking care of herself and her commitment to drink lots of water every day. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me. I LOVE YOU! ♥ :~)

a colourful image of a guitar, with a wine bottle and goblet in the foreground and a cactus and moon in the background in a whimsical style with a colourful vibrant reds, blues, green and golden yellows
a fabulous image created for a logo for a local wine and culinary festival by my talented husband Robert Cerins

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