Affirmation, Gratitude and Old Growth Trees

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) enjoy spending my time with people who ignite my heart with hope. As I believe that we are powerful beings that are endowed with the creative ability to co-create our lives. I invest my heart into love, kindness and compassion as my health insurance policy. The people who I witnessed that have lived the longest and happiest lives choose to be happy, proactive and creative. I believe that happy thoughts produce happy chemicals that heal my body. I encourage my heart to health by seeing the love in your eyes, connecting to the love in your hearts and acknowledging that I am able to make a difference. As people who have come before me have made a difference in my world with their thoughts, beliefs and actions and then written about it to give me confidence.
Today I am grateful for making decisions that feed my heart as I did yesterday, there was a chance for Robert Cerins and I to go to an old growth forest in the Koksilah River Valley and witness some amazing pine and fir trees, many of the trees would take three or four people holding hands to encircle the whole tree and they were more than 600 years old, we received an education in the life of trees and witnessed the commitment of four other humans that have made protecting old growth trees a life’s passion, we were gifted with nature, for getting to spend the day with Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright observing them film this lover of trees Warrick and document his vast knowledge on digital files and for spending more than four hours hiking in vast wilderness surrounded by hanging moss, the smell of moist forest, the energy of committed life lovers and the hope that was instilled in my heart, soul and mind. We are the change we want to see in the world. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for sharing your encouraging hearts & spirits with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)
Six adults standing in front of an old growth Douglas Fir tree that is as wide as the six adults standing in front of it and 300 to 400 feet tall.
Spending time in a forest full of ancient living trees is joy itself. Mister Douglas Fir trees are stunning, life giving and necessary. Gratitude Dance for old trees! :~)


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