Affirmation, Gratitude and My Birthday

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am alive today, which is a miracle to me as my father died when he was 39 and I am now 49 years incarnated. My goal was to at least make it to 40 which I did the year I met Robert. So today I shall practice Thriving for every heart that beats, I shall savour every hug, good wish, and yummy treat I experience with the idea that as I am connected to every heart that beats, I may be able to transmit my joy to every heart through my loving intention of heart felt connection. I am you, I am every innocent baby and I am every old person, as I think my memory is your memory and my love is your love, and for sure my DNA is 99.9% the same as every other humans DNA. I love that I am one with everyone.

Today I am grateful to be 49 years young, as I am growing wiser, kinder and more patient with every passing moment, for realizing that my happiness lies in my heart, my thoughts, my actions and my responses, as I trust that I am the only person that is capable of making me joyous and for getting to celebrate with family, friends and facebook today, as since I have been in love withRobert Cerins, I family with the same birthday as me, my brother in law Bob Tustian shares my birthday today as well as my niece Natalie Jonas, which is cool as Robert’s parents are from Latvia and today Nov. 18 is Latvian Independence Day, from the year 1918, so our family has much to celebrate today. Thank you for celebrating your life every day. Thank you for sharing your loving energy, bravely, with the world. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a lady on a beach laughing.
me loving the sand and surf!

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