Affirmation, Gratitude and Attention

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, promise to accept myself as perfect just the way I am. I go look into the mirror today and repeat I Love Me, I Love Me, I Love Me, until I feel my heart open, the warm fuzzy feeling grow in my tummy, the confidence arising in my spirits and the smile that is blooming on my face. I am the most important person whose approval I need. So today my actions reflect my new found self worth, I meet people with the knowing that all relationships are temporary which increases my ability to share myself with my full presence. I invest my full #attention into each person I meet looking at them directly in the eyes offering them the time needed to express themselves fully. Listening to their stories with my whole being allows me to feel connected to them and to myself as I believe we are all one. I embrace the stories of everyone with an open heart securing my relationships to the best of my ability. Thank you for bringing joy to my life today by connecting with me. Thank you for reaching out to the people in your lives. I Love You. 

Today I am grateful for knowing generous and loving people, as one of my facebook friends Rosie Moore from the group Homesteading Technopeasants just gifted 1.16 acres of land to another lady Meghan Lovett in the group, I am blessed to have gotten to witness that, for the ability to taste, as I just drank a spicy ginger tea, mixed with rich, bitter raw cacao, and Coconut Bliss to make it smooth, creamy and out of this wourld yummy and for getting the chance to emit a loving vibration in each situation I am in, to say thank you to everything that comes to me, be it a flat tire, a big check or an emotional connection with a friend. I incarnated to feel the entire range of human emotions with openness. Thank you for embracing you emotions with courage today. Thank you for listening to your inner wisdom. I Love You.  :~)


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