Affirmation, Gratitude and Nourishment

Here is today’s vlog about what I am grateful for and my affirmation for creating a giggle in your wiggle. May your day be filled with lightheartedness


Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) love to nourish my body by preparing food that enriches my earthly experience. I have learned through trial and error what is best for my body, which is a high fat, protein, lots of green vegetables, water and a few different types of herbal teas. It is empowering for me realize that I can totally change my physical health, by changing what I nourish my body temple with. I choose to eat a 100% organic diet, with a focus on local food that comes from farms where I know the farmers personally, have witnessed the food growing and am able to ask what day the food was harvested on. If I eat wheat or other grains I get eczema on my hands, that makes my hands look scaly and bright red, when I drink pasteurized milk my stomach gets eczema and when I eat a grain free diet my skin is smooth as silk. So I do my best to drink coconut milk, eat a bit of raw milk cheese as that is the easiest for me to digest and for a treat have some homemade bone broth.  Thank you for nourishing yourself today.I Love you. <3 :~)

an image of an Adams Peanut Butter jar full of homemade chicken stock made by me. The jar of the lid is blue, there is parchment paper covering the top of the jar between the jar and lid to keep the soup its freshest.
The image is of some chicken broth that I made from scratch. :~) #ilovetocook

Today I am grateful for my practice in listening to my body so that when I am frustrated, my body is able to communicate to me through tightening my stomach, clenching my jaws or even growing a breast lump (as I have fibroids, lumpy non cancerous tissue, my body grew lumps in my left breast because I ignored myself for so long, to communicate to me my body was tired of being hit, because I had put up with my x-husband who use to slap me as a way of communicating his frustration), for my ability to evaluate what my body is telling me so that my actions and words will be in alignment with my body, mind, heart and spirit and for getting to share a session of Reiki with Robert Cerins mom Vija while she read to us from a childrens book written in Latvian then she translated the meaning of the children’s story, it was a lovely way to start our Thanksgiving with Robert’s parents. Thank you for the time you were here today. Thank you for listening to your wise body.  :~)

an image of an ear with a hand behind it to show that listening is important.
One of the best feelings is listening to my body. :~)



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