Affirmation, Gratitude and Enjoying

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you have decided to enjoy this day) have a chance today to enjoy each event of my day as if it was as fun as being on a vacation at the beach. When I am dancing with the broom as I sweep the floor, my mind visualizes how yummy it feels to see a clean floor. I have an opportunity today to enjoy washing the bathroom as much as I enjoy taking a bath. Each action that I am able to take with an attitude of gratitude fills my heart with comfort. When I am able to sing while I am productive my life feels joyful. It is up to me to make as many joyful moments as possible in my life as I am the only person who decides what is joyful for me. The more I am able to create a vibration of contentment coming from my heart the easier everything I do is. Thank you for being here on earth with me today. I Love You.   :~)

an image of a tarot card with a green background, a lady with red hair in the centre and her hands are connecting with universal love while they are in front of her chest surrounded by light. with the words I love myself and others unconditionally and nurture loving relationships.
Opening my heart chakra by enjoying what I am doing in the present moment creates contentment. :~)

Today I am grateful for getting to be a part of the Ladysmith Festival Of Lights event, there will be a spot in Aggie Hall on 1st street where it will be my joy to be manning a table marketing Robert Cerins Original Art To Wear, cheering people up in my wonderful holiday hat and getting to see the fireworks, for making a big pot of homemade chicken soup yesterday as I had some chicken broth frozen it was an easy dinner, just cut up some vegetables, add a can of coconut milk and presto there is a yummy dinner and for getting to open up the sauerkraut crock this morning, see what happened as the crock has been closed since Sept. 28th, then taste the probiotic goodness. Thank you for the time you were here with me today. Thank you for creating something in your life to be grateful for. I Love You.    :~)

an image of a sauerkraut crock filled with cabbage and water that came from inside the cabbage. with words that read Happiness Is Healthy Igniting Your Happiness Creates A Healthier World.
This image is the start to a Vlog about sauerkraut, as making sauerkraut is a passion of mine. :~)

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