Affirmation, Gratitude and Healing Space

Today’s Affirmation; I, have a chance today to be supportive to my friends and loved ones by listening to their emotions as well as their words. Today when I am listening to the people who cross my path, I listen with my whole being. I keep my heart curious as to what each person shall express through witnessing their movements, ability to hold eye contact and to stay open to the general vibration their entire being is exuding. My goal is to experience each person like a book I am reading and I look forward to seeing what is on the next page of their story. I do my best to stay present to what is going on in the person in front of my and I somehow feel connected to my own heart. I am here to be of service to all humanity and I feel whole. I am a sacred child of the Universe and the Universe feels well cared for when I care for my friends and family. <3 :~) Thank you for caring for yourself and others today. Thank you for sharing a moment of your day with me. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

an image of a person listening with every fiber of their being to the person speaking.
When I listen with my heart, eyes and ears I feel connected to my heart and the heart of the person sharing with me.

Today I am grateful for getting settled into our new living space, where for the first time I shall have a dedicated healing arts room to share relaxing sessions of Reflexology/Reiki and Empathic Listening, for the Universe sending me the perfect clients who need relaxing, reassurance and my style of Reflexology/Reiki, (my purpose is to share the healing energy of the Universe with others) and for the relationships it is my pleasure to cultivate, as my garden of friends is rich, colourful, nourishing and a source of joy to my heart and spirit.
Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for cultivating gratitude in your heart today. I Love YOU. <3

What are you grateful for today. <3 :~)

My in person or distance healing sessions are by donation! 250-732-4599 or <3 :~)

an image of a dusty rose massage table in the middle of a small room.
The space I have created to offer Reflexology/Reiki on a pay what you can basis. <3

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    • Good Morning Carli,

      How wonderful it was to connect with you at the Duncan Farmers Market! I would love to offer you a relaxing session of Reflexology/Reiki in my home or yours. Our phone number is 250-732-4599. We would love to have you two over for dinner also. Blessings,

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