Three Day Water Fast

Yesterday I just finished a three day water fast. I love three day water fasts because after seventy-two hours of no food and only water our bodies release a lot of stem cells that can heal our bodies. 

In the past I had thought of going and having expensive surgery to get stem cells into my shoulder and knee however after my five day fast last fall my shoulder and knee have gotten better no more clicking in my knee and my shoulder has full movement now. So I am hoping the stem cells that got released yesterday go to heal my thyroid and whatever else my body needs healing. I trust my bodies intuitive wisdom. 

It is exciting to not be ruled by the needs of my body all the time. Water fasting helps connect me to the spiritual side of myself. It is my goal to live to be 150 years young so I am doing all I can to allow my body to heal itself. 

It is so great that now when I water fast I do not do any bowel cleansing techniques. I just allow my body to poop when It needs to. The first day of the fast I poop normally because I ate the day before. The second day hardly anything came out but the third day I had a nice little poop and then this morning I had another nice little poop. I am enjoying fasting without doing a salt water flush or enema! Here is a link to a YouTube video about Herbert Shelton and his book Fasting can save your life. This is the book where I learned I do not need any fancy bowel cleansing technique.

Last night as it was getting close to bedtime I started to get a lot of heart burn which has never happened during any fast I have been on so I ate an organic apple and with the first bite my heart burn went away. However the apple must have given my body a lot of energy as I could not get to sleep until 1:30 am. LOL LOL LOL 

So my fast was about 10 hours shorter than I planned as I was going to go until this morning but I thought I was going to throw up when I laid down to sleep so I thought I better end the fast at exactly 36 to 38 hours instead of 48 hours. 

During my water fasts I drink distilled water that I distill at home with a table top distiller made by Mega Home here is a link to their website. I feel that drinking distilled water is the best water to drink when water fasting and all the rest of the time too. 

Have you ever water fasted? If you have fasted or ever want to fast I would love to hear all about your experience. 

Blessings, and thank you for reading my story. Hugs :~)

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