Interviewing Jules Hik Empowerment Coach

It was the pleasure of Stephanie & April to interview Jules Hik.  Jules is a lady that has learned much from the school of life!  She is an intuitive with the skills of NLP and Hypnosis.  She helps with shifting ENERGY!  She studies Quantum Physics, a subject close to Stephanie’s heart.  Jules has written a book called “Journey Of Self-Awareness” where she helps people who are ready to be empowered and make positive changes.  Jules has offered Stephanie and April a session of Bio-Feedback.  We will let you know how our sessions with Jules went.  After you listen to Jules’s deep, resonant voice, and listen to her inspiring story, you will be as excited as Stephanie and April to connect with her for sessions of Bio-Feedback.  Blessings, Stephanie & April  :~)

Jules loves to be texted by people interested in her helping them with self-exploration. Her phone number is 778-861-2237 She would love to offer you a free pdf copy of her book “Journey Of Self-Awareness”

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