Patience Is Free Affirmation

I, ___My Name Here___, am going to tend the plants and people in my life so that I am able to enjoy my life. Everything and everyone in my life needs me to be patient. My children enjoy being driven to school by me when I am singing to the radio or listening to them tell me the stories of what they will do in school that day. When I am able to nourish myself with meditation, a healthy eating plan and enough sleep I am able to be tolerant with my children, my husband and even my relatives. LOL LOL LOL

It is up to me to exude feelings of tranquility and contentment for myself and my family to absorb and feel. At the times I am able to conquer my fear and live in faith I feel relaxed and calm. The more I focus on my faith the smaller my fears become. I feel empowered when I access my heart so that every cell of my body is resilient and serene.

I am responsible for every emotion I emote. Every emotion I emote effects every cell of my body. When I express compassion, kindness and perseverance everyone around me feels lighter and I get the benefit of my body being filled with dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. My emotions effect everyone in the whole world to a small extent and for my friends and family my emotions have a huge effect. Each time I feel anger or frustration rising in my gut I breathe deeply over and over again until I have engaged my Vagus Nerve.

My Vagus Nerve is the part of my body that runs my breathing, digestion and cardiovascular system. It makes such good sense that since my Vagus Nerve runs my breathing when I access my breathing I can calm my Vagus Nerve! Which means as long as I am the master of my breath I am the master of my emotions and I will be a patient & polite person! With practice maybe maybe I can even be graceful! :~)

I imagine hearing my friends and family saying “Thank you for being patient, You being patient with me has filled my heart with calmness and acceptance. Visualizing every person catching the virus of patience is my goal with this affirmation. Blessings, Thank You For Loving Yourself!

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