Affirmation, Gratitude and Picking Up Trash

Today’s Affirmtion; I, Stephanie, love being of service to my planet, my fellow humans and to myself. To be of service to my planet I pick up trash, burn 100% Bio-Diesel created from used french fry oil in our TDI Jetta wagon, buy as much local produce as I can and eat organic food to lessen the toxin load on the land, sea and air. To be of service to my fellow humans I give them the room they need to make mistakes, have successes and embrace the perfectly imperfect humans that we all are. I also practice being patient, kind and caring in every human relationship I have so that the people who know me feel safe in my presence knowing that I have their best interest at heart. To be of service to me I nurture every uplifting emotion I have, listen to my heart, act on it’s urgings and share my experience freely knowing that we are all teachers and students simultaneously. I am happiness, love and light incarnated to share myself fully and freely.
An image of some hands, some forest ferns and a bunch of plastic trash
Stopping to pick up the trash on one of our favourite trails.
 Today I am grateful for being present to my thoughts as they enter my consciousness so that I may evaluate each thought and decide if it is worth thinking when a thought brings a smile to my face, joy to my heart or a sense of service I choose to keep thinking it, for my ability to discern between thoughts that bring me peace, as well as listening to the restless thoughts that are letting me know that somehow my needs are not being met and taking right action to comfort my heart so that my restless thoughts feel heard, calming right down becoming peaceful and for exercising my emotional muscles with each human interaction I encounter today is peaceful, cooperative and compassionate. Thank you for witnessing my journey. Thank you for sharing your emotions with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)
A bold painting with bright, vibrant blues, reds, greens and white!  :~)
This painting AbunDance reminds me to create my reality from my abundant place, my heart.

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