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Today’s Affirmation: I, Stephanie, am making a pledge today to matter. My needs are important. I am practicing being accepting of all the cells of my body right now. I realize that it is perfect to acknowledge my needs, accept my needs and embrace my needs as if they were the needs of my best friend. I befriend me today. I lovingly stroke my arms with some rose hip oil, appreciating that my arms can hug, help and heal myself and my community. I stand in front of the mirror and gaze into my eyes and say wow you made it, I like me. Every cell in my body is filled with unconditional love for all beings, me included. I practice being nice to me when I make a mistake. I praise myself for doing activities that are good for me. I reward myself with a visit with a friend, a healthy meal and a cup of chicory tea. I am perfectly imperfect.…/

Today I am grateful for Asea a health product that is helping my thyroid as since the car wreak last March I was having swollen eyes and then my left foot swelled up, then when I take the Asea my foot does goes back to normal size and my leg stops hurting, for my willingness to find ways to heal my body in the most natural ways possible before going to the doctor, I have changed my diet and my habits as I live to be proactive and for getting lots of feedback on how the affirmations I have written to people have helped them look at the events in their lives in new ways. Thank you for being alive today. Thank you for searching for your inner peace. I Love You.  Here is a link to this amazing health restoring product.  :~)

an image of a bottle of Asea that is blue and white and a tube of Renu 28 a skin nourishing gel.
This product is helping the overactive issue that my thyroid is healing from. :~)

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