Affirmation, Gratitude and Attention

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have confidence in the spiritual principles of being kind and loving, that it is my responsibility to create in myself a bigger vision of everyone that comes across my path in order to be unconditionally loving to them. I realize that “if it’s to be it’s up to we” so building relationships with people of this world is one of my priorities, to create respectful connections because I have studied the human condition and offer each person I meet my complete attention, I listen to each person with my entire being so they felt heard. I choose to be present to the emotions, the energy and the environment my being happens to experience so that I am tasting life with my whole being. Thank you for being present today. Thank you for allowing in the love in your life. I Love You.  :~)

an image of the outline of a person surrounded by light, sparkling brightly envoking the feeling of being connected to all light and life.  :~)
When I consciously connect to the Universal Energy Field this is how electrifying it feels to me. This is the energy field where my energy comes from during the reflexology/reiki sessions that it is my pleasure to share. :~)

Today I am grateful for being energy as well as matter, the more I focus on that I am energy incarnated to create, laugh, love, rejoice, feel fear and emote joy the more empowered I feel, for trusting in the Universal Energy Field to guide me to people, places and possibilities that enable me to love myself and others unconditionally and for valuing my life as a sacred responsibility to express love every moment of my days, it is my function to be an example for myself that it is possible to be loving and kind in all situations, to realize my actions, attitudes and tone of voice totally effect the people in my life so I choose my words with my heart as I want the people in my life to feel my love for them. Thank you for exuding love today. Thank you for being kind to yourself today. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a bright light emanating from from the center of circles of rainbow colour, sparkling stars and rays of light flowing out from the brightness in the center.  :~)
Finding the light within myself gives me comfort. :~)

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