Affirmation, Gratitude and A Ferry Ride

Here is today’s Vlog # 32 I recorded today’s video while riding the ferry to Vancouver

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am going into a storm of grief today with an open heart that radiates compassion, empathy, love and acceptance. When I have a friend or loved one who is grieving I do my best to listen to their emotional pain with my entire being. My goal is to allow the person who is in deep grief to be heard, to hold space for the sorrow that they are emitting and to trust that the person is mourning in their own perfect way. My hope is that my whole heart can be present to their discomfort as a wise spiritual being that knows that death is a new beginning, a transformation back to pure possibilities and be a stand that grieving is good for the soul. Thank you for your precious time today. Thank you for allowing your heart the time it needs to grieve. I Love You. :~)

an image that reads good life good death good grief
I got to practice the art of grieving today. Gratitude Dance.

Today I am grateful for getting to the Departure Bay Ferry at 8:00am on the dot, so that we would be on time for our reservation, as we had to be at the ferry booth to pay right on time by 8:00am or we would lose our reservation spot with no refund, for getting to go to West Vancouver this morning to support Robert Cerins life long friend Jack Mants as there is a memorial to celebrate and honour his Jack’s sister Carol, it is a blessing to provide solace for Jack and his family in their time of mourning and for getting to go to some of the stores we supply in Whistler, Ocean Park, Granville Island and maybe some new stores with Original Earrings in the hopes of restocking the stores shelves with a sparkly selection of Holiday Hand Painted Earrings. Thank you for being a part of my day today. Thank you for being kind to yourself first today. I Love YOU.   :~)

an image of a man with a big white beard and a lady waering an aussie hat
Robert and I on the ferry to West Vancouver.

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