Affirmation, Gratitude and Wisdom

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) understand that to give is the first law of living. My life was given to my by my mom and dad. The sun gives me heat, light, Vitamin D and a tan for free. The earth gives me food for free all I have to do is get up and go pick it, blackberries, nettles, apples, blue berries, etc. So today I give of myself, that which I have. I share my smiles, I lend a hand, I listen with every cell of my being, I visualize the virtue in every heart. I give of myself with the knowing that, when I give freely, I am in vibrational harmony with consciousness. So today I practice giving freely. I give my patience to all situations. I give my heart to all I do so that at the end of the day I feel content. I live to give and I am supported by the Universe as is every loving being.
Today I am grateful for my ability to share my thoughts, stories and faith with you through the written language, as I trust that I must feel abundant first before I witness abundance in my physical world, for the seeds of this world who teach me, that I when the conditions are right in my world, then I shall blossom into my vibrant, confidant, compassionate self, I just patiently expect to blossom what ever soil I am planted in at the moment and for the calm knowing that the more I share my truth the more I feel connected to each soul I meet as we are one consciousness with many fingerprints. Thank you for the moments you were with me today. Thank you for sharing your smiles with me. I Love You.  :~)
An image of some books on a shelf with a painting on the wall in the background and an elf trying to decide which book of wisdom to choose
Books open my mind, heart and spirit to the knowledge recorded by others. :~)

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