Gratitude and Friends

Today I am grateful for getting to see my friend Liam Wilson act in the Neil Simon play Rumors last night, it was funny and the acting was a joy to witness, we laughed and laughed at the jokes well told with impeccable timing, for knowing that the best presents I can give anyone are my time, heart felt attention and appreciation for the innocence at the core of their being and for having the pleasure of witnessing the proud face of Sarah Wilson as she beamed, for her son Liam, as she glowed with delight at the friends that showed up to support Liam and the sense of warmth that filled my heart getting to be a part of the whole event. Thank you for the time you shared here today. Thank you for supporting the young people of your life. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a lamp with eyes in the lamp shade and a face with a cup for a hat balanced on the head
Having friends that get me, make my life worth living. :~)

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