Affirmation, Gratitude and Accepting

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) visualize myself as an energy acceptor, collector, transformer and sender. What is so interesting to me is that I can transform anger into constructive energy with consciousness, persistence and compassion. When I encounter a situation where there is frustration, I breathe a few deep breaths, I am honest with myself about the situation, saying to myself something like wow, that person is frustrated and really needs a lot of empathy, so I give myself a dose of empathy, (that would sound something like this, I feel this persons frustration at their situation, as I would feel an earthquake if it happened, I then allow the energy to flow through me and embrace the connection with consciousness, so that I can start from a connected place in myself) then I would share my calmness by listening to their emotions, honouring their emotions and accepting their emotions as perfect for them in the moment, as I have done with myself. 

Today I am grateful for my commitment to eating real food that comes outside the box, my favourite food comes with dirt on it, or maybe in butcher paper, and on occasion in a plastic bulk bags, if there are no reusable mesh bags in my purse, as I truly believe that I am what I eat, so I choose to be fresh, whole and alive, which is why I eat only food that truly lived, for the health benefits I have received for giving up white sugar in 1994, for the energy I have at the start of my 50th year on the planet (as since I was born in November then I must have been conceived in February 1964), which is attributable to the food I put in my body, the thoughts I allow in my mind and the emotions I choose to dwell on in my heart, I am responsible for my health and for my bodies ability to heal itself, as I know I have a wise inner healer that cares for my small cuts as well as the regeneration of my organs and even the lining of my stomach, so today I trust my inner healer to guide me to nourishing food, thoughts and emotions, which causes me to feel whole.  Thank you for honouring your connection to Universal Consciousness today. Thank you for sharing your emotional energy with me. I Love You. :~)

An abstract painting with the colours of reds, greens, beige, white and black with many images to see.
Grrrrr was painted to remind us to be curious. Robert Cerins is the artist. :~)



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  1. I am still at the stage of watching what i put inside myself (foodwise) I love eating healthy, then I wig out when I catch up with my sisters. Oh gosh such a delightful event when we revert back to our teens and eat badly. just for a moment. thanks for sharing your affirmation:))

    • Well I feel it is what we do most days that count. I love knowing that if I master what I put in my most days my body thrives. Thank you so so much for your encouraging comment. I have not checked by comments forever and now after finding so many encouraging words I shall check it often. In gratitude for you. :~)

    • WOW, Super Gratitude Dance, you reblogged my post. I somehow have not gone to comments forever after reading this I shall be checking them often. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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