Affirmation, Gratitude and ISBN Numbers

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am grateful for holding inside my heart the dream of becoming a published author for decades. Ever since I was able to read, I loved the magic of the written word. The ability of the writer to transport me to their dream inspires my soul, informs my mind and opens my heart. When I am lucky enough to fall into the spell of a good book, hours fly by like minutes. So I would love to transport the readers of my words to feelings of joy, bliss and self-confidence. Thank you for faithfully reading my words. Thank you for sharing your words with me. I Love You!  :~)

Today I am grateful for being gentle with myself, as two days ago I got a bunch of dental work done and today I still feel a bit sluggish, for having the day off to go to Nanaimo to drop off my impression and get my gold tooth parts made (I am finally a queen as I am getting a gold crown, LOL) by a man who has been friends with Robert Cerins since about 1969 and that today I received an e-mail with the information from the Canadian ISBN Service System that has gifted me a free block of ISBN numbers to publish my book series “HappinessHeals” under, the first book in the series will be called “Happiness Heals; Affirmations To Remind Me Of My Exquisiteness”, I am so excited I am bouncing on my exercise ball as I type this. I am an author! I am whole, complete and overjoyed. Thank you for bearing witness to my growth. Thank you for joining me in the discovery of who we can all be. I Love You.  :~) I think my palms are even sweaty as I type this! LOL

an image of a lady smiling that lady is me she has long brown hair, a big smile and wishes you well.  :~)
Hello, nice to see you. :~)

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