Affirmation, Gratitude and Water Fasting

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, bring my creative, intuitive brain to all I do today. I clean my home with a sense of willingness and an attitude of gratitude for all I have. When doing my work today I find ways to listen to my intuition as it is always patiently waiting for me to hear. I honour myself by meeting my needs first and then helping others when I am able. I have learned from the fast that a little bit of rest goes a long ways and to not make appointments while fasting (as I made mistakes about booth appointments, LOL LOL LOL). Today my attention in focused on compassion to self. I am important. I matter. I am valuable. Thank you for knowing your worth today. Thank you for sharing you wisdom with kindness. I Love You. :~)


Today I am grateful for completing a 10 day fast, then breaking the fast with a two day eating plane of green drinks made with tomatoes, leafy greens, hot peppers, and garlic, for trusting my intuition by doing the fast, for breaking the fast the best I have ever broke one and for reaping the rewards of cleansing my body which now feels new, bright and ready to lead me on to my career as a sharer of energy. Thank you for the time you were here today. Thank you for sharing your energy wisely. I Love You. :~)

P.S. I was inspired by Sarah Wilson and Asrael Zemenick and the Mala’s they own that I thought I would make my own mala. The neat aspect of my mala is I received the gemstones Malachite, Rose Quartz and Mother of Pearl from my Mom’s mom my grandma Ruth, so it felt like once again my grandma and I were doing an art project together. Feeling blessed. :~) Here are the before and after images. I even made the tassel myself.

am image of a prayer of buddhist prayer bead made of malachite, rose quartz and one piece of mother of pearl
This is the first mala I made from gemstones gifted to my by my grandma. Who has passed one many years ago.
an image of a mala all layed out ready to be strung.  :~)
To create my mala I layed it out first on a face cloth the way I wanted then got out the string, created my own tassel and made my first mala. :~)

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