Affirmation, Gratitude and Smiling

 Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, get to create the story of my life today. I choose to see myself as a great adventurer exploring the depths of love. I share my loving energy easily knowing that the well of love inside of me fills up faster when I am sharing love unconditionally. I choose to be kind because I feel better when I do the kind act. I choose to wear a smile today as I realize that smiling increases my well-being, is contagious for the well-being of others and actually helps me to create the same happy chemicals as eating 2,000 bars of chocolate in just one smile! Here is a smile from me to you. And here is a TED Talk about the benefits of smiling!…/ron_gutman_the_hidden_power_of_smilin…
Today I am grateful for my ability to do book work so that it is easier on our accountant when we give him our tax papers, for getting to purchase the best food possible from local farms and getting food gifted to us from our friends with abundant gardens as well and for cooking yummy food that makes my kitchen dirty and my tummy full.

Thank you for smiling today. Thank you for being here to feel my smile given to you!
an image of a lady smiling that lady is me she has long brown hair, a big smile and wishes you well. :~)
Hello, nice to see you. :~)

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