Affirmation, Gratitude and My Mom

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, allow myself to feel the situation I am in fully today. I embrace the grief, the uncertainty and the fact that today will be the last day I see my mom on this trip as I leave early tomorrow morning (with the fear it could be the last time I see her on her earthly journey, but hopefully not). It is an interesting experience to be watching my mom get littler, weaker and less capable than she was this past May when we were here. I am grateful that I have been applying myself in learning that the only constant in the world I incarnated in, is change. So I am learning to embrace the transformations that we shall all make one day back to pure energy during this time. I am enjoying being able to be of useful service to my mom and step father at this stressful time in their lives. I am enjoying being strong enough because of my relationship with Robert Cerins, the friends I have and the self care I have been doing in the past few months. I am so glad to be healthy. Thank you for being here today with me you bring me comfort during this time. Thank you for loving yourself as if you were a new born baby. I Love You. :~)


Today I am grateful for being able to be with my mom right now as she had a stroke three weeks ago today and I have been helping her in the rehab centre by keeping her company, sharing a few healing sessions and even getting to feed her so it feels as if our roles have changed, as of course once she fed me, for being able to give my step father a break as he has been in the rehab, as I have been the last few days, from 10am to 10pm to keep my mom company and make sure she is getting really good care and for being patient during the whole process of spending time in the rehab, helping my mom’s every need as if she was a new born babe and feeling a bunch of new feelings about the state of my mom. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for being loving to the people in your lives. I Love You! :~)

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