Affirmation, Gratitude and Death

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, accept all of me today. I accept the parts of me that are helpless, human and hurried. I accept the parts of me that are fearful and worried. I realize that my physical self and my eternal self are entwined, as long as my heart beats. I befriend my eternal self, the spark that continues long after my body decomposes. I embrace the parts of me, that must accept the people I love in life, will one day die and that is a perfect part of life, just as birth is. So today I love with the knowledge that I too will die at some distant day in the future (hopefully LOL), so I tell my story with a sense of humour. I laugh loudly (really I do). I befriend death with a smile. I recognize that one day I will joyously embrace death with the heart of an explorer, going on the adventure of my life time. I watch with a curious eye, an open heart and a patient mind as the people in my world transition back to pure energy and deep in the centre of my being I rejoice, that they are free, as I will one day be. Thank you for enjoying life while you can. Thank you for being helpful today. I Love You. :~)
Thank you Sarah Wilson for taking this lovely photo of my Christmas Cactus that is blooming at the right time this year!

an image of a christmas cactus that is bright deep redish pink with green leaves

Gratitude Dance it is blooming at Christmas.

Today I am happy for being able to meditate so that my ability to be kind, listen empathically and put myself in the shoes of the people who cross my path is increased, for my belief in the possibility of my being able to effect change in the world, by effecting change in me, gives me a feeling of empowerment and inspires me to be willing to forgive easily, so today I go forth being calm just for the sake of it, and for how my body feels after I exercise each morning, strong, excited for the day and present to each moment. Thank you for caring for your sacred body temple. Thank you for exuding smiles and kindness today. I Love You. :~)

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