Affirmation, Gratitude and Power

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have made the decision that I am enough. I am worthy of achieving my dreams now. My future is in my capable hands and I am joyously moving forward in my dream to bring joy to the hearts of the people sharing the planet with me now. The possibilities of how I am able to effect the people in my world with joy are endless. I could share a smile, lend a helping hand, bend my listening ears so that the people in my life feel heard. It is in my power to be a generator of kindness, a dynamo of consideration and a turbocharged source of unconditional love. The more my focus stays on what I am capable of doing the more empowered I feel. Thank you for empower yourself today. Thank you for a few moments of your time. I Love You.  <3  :~)

an image of a pair of feet with red sparkly shoes and the words of Galinda the good witch You Had The Power All Along, My Dear.
Thank you for using your power to spread love.


Today I am grateful for my belief that what I put into my mouth effects my entire body, so that my eating habits are creating health in my body, mind and spirit, for trusting that it is the actions I take today that effect my future, so it is up to me to take the steps necessary like buying more green vegetables at the store so that when I am making meals there is lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from along with grass fed protein and for inspiring myself with positive self talk so that I am encouraging myself, bolstering myself and being most of all kind to me, so that I am able to give from a state of fullness. Thank you for giving from a place of fullness today. Thank you for being here today. I Love You. <3  :~)

am image of a lady eating a big bowl of salad
Eating well makes my entire body feel yummy.


And here is the link to my first youtube video that I made yesterday.

Thank you for your precious time, Blessings,

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