Today’s Affirmation I Eat For My Cells.

I, __________, choose to eat food that nourishes every cell of my body. The food industry makes tons of food that my tongue and brain enjoy. It is up to me to choose food that nourishes my toe nails, my hair follicles, my gut flora and the rest of my digestive tract. I am in charge of what I eat. My body is excited when it sees me making a big salad that lasts a few days from the local farmers market. My cells rejoice when I eat a yummy smoothie filled with organic berries and kale. My stomach is elated when I eat sauerkraut that heals my gut flora. It is up to me to eat food that is whole, fresh and prepared at home. It is important to cook for me as if I am royalty. I am a cared for child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels nourished when I eat whole foods prepared by me.

I, Stephanie, do my best to nourish my body with whole foods made at home. I feel better at 55 than I did at 25. Please care for your earthly space suit. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

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