Affirmation, Gratitude and Mental Health

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am enjoying that after writing affirmations for almost one year now sometimes when I am drifting off to sleep, driving the car or cleaning I think of happy things I could write about in the morning. That by writing these affirmations I can feel my writing skills improving, my mental health gaining in strength and my heart connections with the people in my community growing more powerful. Another benefit of writing these affirmations is the personal confidence that is growing inside of me what a great side effect! Thank you for supporting my affirming journey.  The complete name of the painting below is “You Can Sure Learn About Yourself If You Just Listen” :~)


Today I am grateful for the event Paradigm Shift Art Show/Flash Jam at the Inspire Shawnigan Art Gallery it will be a grooving evening of music to dance to, yummy homemade crackers and dip, ginger tea, heart felt connections and art that inspires you to reach out and touch the artistic creations, for helping my friends prosper and getting presents of appreciation that show me I am making a difference in the amount of happiness and calm in their lives and for the learning from the book on tape “The Brain That Changes Itself’ that I can strengthen my mind by learning a new skill that I am motivated to put into use. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for joining me in cheering up yourself. ♥ :~)
an image of a half of a guitar body emitting musical vibrations.
Playing music teaches us patience, persistence and the playing well with others.

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