Affirmation, Gratitude and Bio-Diesel

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) realize that I am spirit incarnated to experience life. To feel, is the biggest gift in the Universe and I waited eons to incarnate in the Universe where even electricity has properties of positive and negative just as I do. So I witness all that happens today as energy. The people and situations that happen either give me energy or need my energy so I do my best to flow with the energy of my day. I choose to share my energy freely just as the sun does, shining in the full knowing that some people reflect the light back to me and some absorb it like the sea and both are equally perfect uses of my energy. I shine my light because that is all I am, light, energy and consciousness incarnated to shine.

Today I am grateful for my commitment to eating well in the face of family and societal discomfort as I truly understand I am what I eat so I choose to eat whole food so that I am a whole person, for my ability to purchase 100% Bio-Diesel from the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Coop so that I can support a small local business that employees my friends, eases my mind and allows me to feel I am a co-creator of change on the planet and for all the farmers who choose to use the time tested methods of permaculture and companion planting to grow the food I eat. Thank you for joining me in joy today. Thank you for sharing your perfect self with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)

an image of a couple of float homes bobbing on the water
Being near the water brings peace to my soul. :~)

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