Affirmation, Gratitude and Self Care

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) exercise my emotional muscles as if I was entering the emotional Olympics. My emotional muscles are happiness, patience, compassion, calmness, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, and my super power unconditional love. I exercise my unconditional love muscles today when I someone’s driving scares me and I send them loving vibrations of calmness. I exercise forgiveness of self when I am late on occasion that I am always exactly where I am supposed to be. I visualize creating smiles on the faces of the readers of my posts and joy in their hearts. I exercise kindness to the planet and my lungs when I burn 100% recycled french fry oil in my TDI Jetta. Today I choose to think before I act or speak, as that is one of my favourite mantras I created for myself to heal and gain self mastery. I imagine radiant white light filling every cell of my body, comforting my soul.

Today I am grateful for getting my electricity bill as I love being able to go to the electric stove in the morning, heat up some water (no fire building required, it’s a miracle) and make coffee all in less than 10 minutes, for getting nine new friends, a new Happiness Is Healthy follower and a bunch of inspiring comments I received for a personalized birthday affirmation written by me to celebrate Dave Conrardy “The Raw Food Trucker” a man who took charge of his health and released more than 100 pounds, and for being able to say no I can’t do something as in my past I remember an AA sponsor telling me no has two letters and yes has three so no ought to be easier to say, I will always remember the look on her face, when she asked me a question she wanted a yes answer to and I said no, she did not look happy that I had learned her lesson. Thank you for your valuable time with me today. Thank you for bravely riding the emotional roller coaster of life today. I Love You. ♥ :~)

an image of a vase in the background two wine glasses with a bottle in the middle the colours are soft and vibrant.  :~)
Sharing abundance with friends gives my heart reason to live. :~)


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