Affirmation, Gratitude and Change

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) practice loving what it hard for me to do today. I embrace the pain of stretching my legs so that I have more useable muscle to move about. I make a game out of organizing the tax papers and I have it finished easily. I believe in my ability to change any aspect of me that needs to be upgraded. I was programmed by parents that were filled with fear and limitation, so I give myself permission to embrace, entertain and experiment with seeing how much I can actually unconditionally love me and the world. So far I have loved me when I am late and on time, when I have broken stuff I do not even need to say a swear word any more, I just smile and say, yup gravity is still working, I even love myself when I let a fart in public, (I was raised in a redneck north american family LOL). I practice loving my human self today as well as my spiritual self, so that I do my best to balance the two sides of my self the infinite and the finite.


Today I am grateful for the post that Ana María Urquizú put on my wall of how she describes me, I feel honoured, excited and thankful for the feedback from the Universe (through Ana) that all the self work, affirmations I have repeated and words I have written to myself and others, just paid off in positive feed back from a friend, I am stoked, over the moon and of course gratitude dancing, for getting to Sweet Maggie’s Farm yesterday and getting to buy red, ripe juicy tomatoes that were life affirming (here is a link to there page and for choosing to be proactive in my buying choices since 1994 so that I am voting with my dollars for the most sustainable world possible, since 1994, I have purchased 99.9% organic food, paid more for electricity when possible for it to come from sustainable source, I burn 100% bio-diesel in the TDI Jetta car that gets me around and I choose to love everyone to keep the planet cool as a calm heart, keeps the mind tranquil and blood from boiling. Thank you for the joining me in joy today. Thank you for encouraging me to write by reading my words and leaving your comments. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a guitar floating in clouds fired by the imagination
Capturing the energy of the heavens through music opens all hearts.

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