Affirmation, Gratitude And Gardening

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) promise myself to be responsible for my thoughts today. Today I go into the garden of my mind and appreciate all the thoughts that fill the rows of my garden, some are more fear based like the thorns of the blackberries that must be yielded to, to be released from. I yield to my fear thoughts with the knowing, once I have accepted my fears 100%, I am then empowered to live in love with the core of my thoughts being like a rose, bright, colourful, uplifting, calm and compassionate. I love knowing that feeling good is a choice, so today I choose to focus on all the little things of my day that go right, hitting green lights, getting home from the jam the other night and a friend had left two beautiful cucumbers and two heritage tomatoes from their garden for us, it was heavenly food, and that on Sunday night at the jam I sang Improv, let my voice free, pretended that my voice was an instrument and I played with it. I could still feel the excitement of loosing my voice all day yesterday, and Axel a guitar player metioned that he loved how I used my voice in a part of the song. I was over the moon. I am a singer! Gratitude Dance.

Today I am grateful for getting to go for a swim in the quarry on Sunday with my clothes on, as I had thought the water would not entice me however it did, so I went in pants and all, it was a beautiful swim, for making fresh fruit salad topped with chia seed pudding for Kim Itkonenand Paul Kube for Sunday morning breakfast as it was totally enjoyed by Paul and explored by Kim and for my commitment to exercising, exploring and embracing constructive, positive thoughts as I choose to construct my world in calmness, understanding that what happens in my life, the circumstances are only the small part of my experience, the larger part of my experience is my perception so I perceive Kindness every where. Thank you for witnessing my growth. Thank you for sharing your successes with me. I Love You.  :~)

Fish watching the fish master play the instruments of drum, guitar and keyboards.
This image created by Robert Cerins reminds us to be inspired to learn, always! <3

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