Affirmation, Gratitude and Giggles

Today’s Affirmation, I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to be bold today. I shall let people know how valuable they are. I go out today and smile so that the people who cross my path know there is still joy to be created in the world. I laugh out loud and infect the people who hear my jovial giggle with delight. I resonate mirth and merriment in all I do, as I incarnated to experience everything human. I get to make messes and clean them up. I get to fail and succeed. I get to choose to be generous as a way of living and I feel connected to every heart that beats. I trust that the more joy I generate the more joy there is for every heart to draw on, discover and relish. I have faith that everyone has the same needs as me and I do my best to fulfill my needs so that I am able to be as giving as the sun.
Today I am grateful for having a healthy body, mind and spirit as I am able to move, be helpful and productive, for asking every morning how I can be of service to the people of my world, as I realize everyone only wants to be loved and appreciated and for practicing appreciating everyone, all the politicians, all the mothers, all the fathers, all the children, all the heads of corporations and all the people I meet and do not meet, I visualize everyone cooperating and being compassionate as that is the true nature of every soul. Thank you for sharing your energy with me today. Thank you for cooperating with one person today. I Love You. :~)
An image of a golden brown guitar with a vibrant blue background
This painting is about how I learn about myself by listening to others.

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