Affirmation, Gratitude and Listening

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, have an opportunity to exercise the muscles in my ears. I listen to the dryer running and am glad for electricity. I listen to the voice of my husband for all the emotions he exudes. I listen to my thoughts, perceiving which thoughts are sharing with me valuable information and which thoughts are just repetitive thoughts conjured from my past experiences that keep me stuck in old patterns. I am willing to be uncomfortable so that I am able to evolve into the most compassionate and happy person possible. I embrace change with the courage of an arctic explorer and I somehow feel safer. Thank you for bravely listening to your heart. Thank you for giving yourself lo


Today I am grateful for paying attention to the world that my being resides in, for being present to the person in front of me, as well as the situations I find myself in and for learning how to be present to my needs, accept my daily requirement for self love, that is given to me, by myself. I approve of me. My hope is to be a generator of calmness, kindness and attentiveness. Thank you for your attention today. Thank you for being open to fulfilling your needs. I Love You. heart emoticon :~)

My Christmas Cactus bloomed again. :~)

an image of a christmas cactus that is bright deep redish pink with green leaves
Gratitude Dance it is blooming at Christmas.

Please share this affirmation card with anyone who needs to love and approve of themselves, the way you love them. :~)

an affirmation card for people to share that is purple with a gradient that fades to lite lilac these are the words on the image  I spend this day loving me so that I am an effective helper.  I am able to be useful to my friends and family when  I nourish my heart.  So today I devote a few minutes to listening to my emotions. I soothe myself with words that bring a sense of  confidence and clarity.  It is up to me to approve of me.  So today I am willing to love me.  I am precious. I am love.

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