Affirmation Gratitude and Influence

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) delight in the fact that what I think and feel effects what happens in my life. Believing that I have some influence on the events of my life gives me a feeling of being empowered. So today I take all I have learned about the Law Of Attraction and put into practice an aspect of the Law Of Attraction that shall help me meet my goal of becoming a published, well paid author. The first thing I do is believe in my ability to write something, someone else will find inspiring. The second thing I do is to write some words down five days a week, so that I discover which words I write about inspire people most. Then I repeat those actions which increases my confidence and inspire me to believe in my ability a little more to write. The more I believe in me the more I am in line with the Universal Energy Field, that totally believes in me and everyone else. Thank you for believing in yourself today. Thank you for reading my words today, you are making my dreams come true. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a close up of blade of lush green grass with a few water drops on it with the word Thought Is Matter and Thoughts Influence Matter
I have believed for decades that thoughts are things and have a power on to themselves.

Today I am grateful for getting to help create, along with my talented husband Robert Cerins, two hundred and thirty custom holiday cards for our friend Julie Keller Collison‘s business, Collison Realty’s “50th Year Anniversary” she sends this card to all her clients every year, this is the 5th year we have designed her cards, for my christmas cactus blooming once again, because all my life my family had christmas cactus, so some how to see those hot pink blossoms makes me all warm and fuzzy and for getting to create a business with Robert Cerins so that we get to work from the comfort of our home, cheering up the planet with colour, words and actions. Thank you for taking constructive action in your life today. Thank you for believing in you, I Do. I Love You. :~)

an image of a home that is transformed into a real estate office the company clelbrates it's 50th year in business
We love creating holiday cards for our friend’s Realty business.

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