Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) celebrate me today.  Today I put me first, I allow myself to acknowledge and fulfill my needs now.  My heart, mind and spirit require me to pay attention to the messages emitted from every sense in my being, so that I am able to respond compassionately to me.  The more I am able to love me, the more I am able to love everyone I meet.  This day I look for the similarities that I have with everyone I meet.  Realizing that the more similarities I see the more loving I am able to be, increases my state of joy.  When I acknowledge that every heart was started by the same miracle, the connection I feel to every heart, every spirit inspires me to stay focused on all that is constructive.  Thank you for focusing on what you can do today.  Thank you for bravely opening your mind to the similarities.  I Love You.  <3  :~)

Today I am grateful for practicing the art of discernment, to be able to look at the situations in my life with an open mind, seeing the event while being comfortable in my own skin what ever the out come is, for applying the principle of non-attachment to all that I create, trusting that the joy is in the journey, knowing that all is happening for my highest good, what ever momentary emotions each issue brings out of my heart and for allowing all the good to come to me, by feeling worthy of receiving the gifts the Universe bestows on me daily, the best way to open my vibration to the feeling of allowing is for me to be kind, joyous and generous because that is the nature of the Universal Energy Field that created all hearts. Thank you for believing in your own self worth today. Thank you for trusting yourself. I Love You.  :~)

am image of Ralph Waldo Emerson in black and white with the words Self-Trust is the first secret of success.
Trusting myself was the best decision I ever made. :~)

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